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jaytech Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

I could have really done without this today as I've been in bed sick all day. But when it rains it pours.A few months back I posted a question about a spam accusation…... continue reading

TJ Stevenson Premium blogged Follow Me

Howdy all my fellow WA buddies! I've been away for a while now, busy building out my latest website I will be redoing the training…... continue reading

ninjazrb Premium blogged Follow Me

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a quick tip that has helped me immensely. On Google Webmaster Tools you can get Google to reindex a page on your website…... continue reading

Skighler Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

When I am trying to customize my sites theme, I am getting this when I click customize.... Any ideas?... continue reading

stevechic Premium blogged Follow Me

When anyone starts out in internet marketing it is a minefield of information and people offering different solutions. Everyone has dreams and that is why many…... continue reading

Labman Premium Ambassador blogged

I often get asked to provide feedback on new sites.How old is your site? If you have just started your site, you need to concentrate on getting content on your…... continue reading

jhout Premium started question Follow Me in Search Engine Optimization

I decided to start a new domain and use 4 pages of content from my old domain. The old domain just got indexed in google today. I deleted all content from the old…... continue reading

BobGatto Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

In my website I changed the program so when the user leaves a comment, there isn't a line asking for their web address. However, in the comment that they leave,…... continue reading

larryf20865 Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

Well, it's time for me to back to my trade as a union pipefitter, local 208. For those of you that don't know what this is.I install the piping system for the comfort…... continue reading

adroco3 Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

So, I've been continuing to prep up content on a daily basis and one of the things I was having a tough time with was compiling pictures and doing the formatting.…... continue reading

Garden77 Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

The landing page has eluded my understanding since I've joined the affiliate marketing community and it's about time the full merits are rendered to such.Among…... continue reading

Jozeph Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

Hey Guys and GalsLet me begin by stating I'm a writer not a website builder.Honestly, some of the questions were above my understanding, though Jay does slow down…... continue reading

EKey Premium blogged Follow Me

After the day/night I had regarding my MIA website, I decided this would be the perfect time to invest some time with Affliliate Bootcamp...I have a lot of discipline…... continue reading

Alpine15 started question Follow Me in Getting Started

Hi community..Once I have created a content rich website,can anyone suggest some credible affiliate companies to use (other than wonderful Amazon and Afflilate…... continue reading

MartyVolk248 Premium blogged Follow Me

It took me a few days to look things over as a starter member but I'm so glad I decided to become a premium member! WOW! There's so much here "at your fingertips"…... continue reading

videre Premium Top 100 published training Follow Me
How To Choose A Niche

In this tutorial the process of how to choose a niche that will draw traffic will be explained.... continue reading

kilan Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

I am distracted, as anybody who does go to my website cannot access the link, pse help someone... continue reading

VenaS Premium blogged

Anyone who is successful in any business knows that positive thinking is a huge part of their success. Home businesses are plagued by statistics that can drag them…... continue reading

ajmmdm1983 Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

A lot of new members ask me if I am making anything, how much, can I guarrantee they will make something, and how long will it take. I try to tell them that no…... continue reading

alliesdad1 Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

After going through the training, I have decided to go a different direction with my website. Can I change the name on my permalink, or just the title and description…... continue reading

Prestones Premium Top 200 blogged Follow Me
Mind Games

I've found a solution of sorts for those occasions when my brain turns to a lump of clay, and I can't get my teeth into writing.I play a mind game with myself.Let…... continue reading

grampamike Premium Top 200 published training Follow Me
How to Point a GoDaddy Registered Domain to WA.

I have used GoDaddy for years as my domain registrar. I recently pointed my domains to the draft websites I created on SiteRubix. I thought you might enjoy some…... continue reading

bsmith1222 Premium Top 200 blogged

An observation I have on Wealthy Affiliate is that many active people come and go. When I started here, there were some very active people who were very active…... continue reading

aichanko Premium blogged Follow Me

I just upgraded to Premium and I'm super excited about it! I have a feeling that I will learn a lot (I'm pretty naive to the whole "internet world") and that one…... continue reading

Michelle0 Premium blogged Follow Me

Well I had many ideas of websites that I wanted to setup and I found it very simple to set up websites on my own domain. I purchased a couple and have them setup…... continue reading

Labman Premium Ambassador blogged

I just finished a course on Local Marketing with a community of folks over at Google+.Not actually with Google but a good community of people that are working in…... continue reading

worriesover Premium blogged Follow Me

I would like to first thank the Creator for letting me see this day of joy and to appreciate all that the Creator has given us from the ground we walk on to nature…... continue reading

AzmiJ Premium blogged Follow Me

I have been here since April 29, 2015. That is about a month. So today remarks a history of my first online sale ever. A boost of confidence. I know WA is the right…... continue reading

leontoon Premium started question Follow Me in Authoring & Writing Content

How do you do this without coming off as having too many affiliate links on one page. Is it just about the amount of word content you have around the links? I want…... continue reading

stephhill Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

Hello WA Community:I am happy to report that I have completed the online entrepreneurship certification course. I learned much through the process. There are some…... continue reading

Dmorrow Premium blogged Follow Me

Not exactly sure how I did it, other than following Kyle's instructions about keywords, but my site showed up on page 1 in Yahoo search and Bing, and page 7 in…... continue reading

kilan Premium started question Follow Me in Authoring & Writing Content

my webform banners in last day or so. This is serious aswhen i posted webform to my site the wa banners disappeared;... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

When you don't attrack referrals, and you get quite an amount of visitors, I believe you have to change something. continue reading

AlexCY Premium blogged Follow Me

"I wonder why people spend the money they don’t have, to buy the thing they don’t need, to please the people they don’t like!" I guess some of you have seen…... continue reading

thehort Premium blogged Follow Me

Logged into Amazon Affiliates today to create some more outgoing product links and lo & behold...I have $0.34 sitting in my account....I made a sale!It took me…... continue reading

kirkW Premium Top 200 blogged Follow Me

Started putting content on a post on a newly structured website today. When I first put content when I got in here a few months ago I could put things in bold,…... continue reading

Shermwild Premium blogged Follow Me

I am so glad to finally have an opportunity for a real world education about building wealth. I am 51 years old and I don't have a college degree, but I have lived…... continue reading

ChrisGooden Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

This post is specifically addressed to "Starter" members because I've seen a lot of them wasting their limited number of searches allowed in Jaaxy.NOTE: This does…... continue reading

grandbudda Premium blogged Follow Me

I've finally gotten around to registering on Clickbank and found out how easy it is to setup an affiliate link with them. Their marketplace has a search function…... continue reading

Abundant247 Premium blogged Follow Me

Hey y'all!I must admit that I'm oddly excited and nervous to make my first WA blog post! Why exactly I'm a tad bit nervous, I'm not quite sure.... I've actually…... continue reading

DianneF Premium blogged Follow Me

Everyone runs into a period of "Creators Block" every once in a while, and I am definitely no exception! Yesterday I was feeling so incredibly unfocused and couldn't…... continue reading

stephhill Premium Top 100 started question Follow Me in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hello:I tried to provide feedback via the Site Feedback and three websites in a row gave me the following error message:WA HostingWe regret to inform you that the…... continue reading

BigDaddyFred Premium Top 50 blogged

Today as every day, I did a search on Google for one of my key phrases, Health By Mushroom.Was I happy to see the results? #3 on the first page. Yup!... continue reading

Alpine15 started question Follow Me in Getting Started

My husband is a little concerned that once in the program I'm locked in and committed (its more like $55 a month in NZD) ...just incase we dont get results and…... continue reading

DroGodina Premium blogged Follow Me

So, things are finally going my way. I'm getting on Wealthy Affiliate almost everyday now, I'm managing my college courses and keeping things on track. I just hope…... continue reading

RickBell57 Premium Top 200 started question Follow Me in Getting Started

I had to rewrite my WA review. And need comments, and also feedback. I've asked for reveiws on these areas where we ask, but did not get a single one yesterday…... continue reading

JeffreyS Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

Just got website going,and would like some constructive feedback. I only have one post, but wanted to see if im heading in right direction? I will return the favor.…... continue reading

ProjectFrame Premium started question Follow Me in Search Engine Optimization

I've began to get more unique traffic to the certain parts of my site as I go along but I know there could be more! So, I'm honestly just curious from the world…... continue reading

IamnIcan Premium blogged Follow Me

If you have an over enthusiastic imagination and know the right qsuestions to ask on a given subject, I'm sure you must have found yourselves on numerous ocassions…... continue reading